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About BierBeisl

A country does not have to be big to produce giants…

In 2009, at the end of my first year in LA, I began to realize how deeply my country was a part of me, and how much of who I am I owed to Austria. The smells, the tastes, the meals – I had eaten at many of the best restaurants in Los Angeles but realized that there was nothing like the food from home.

On the other hand, Los Angeles was quickly becoming my second home – I can’t imagine living anywhere else right now. The city and the people have been good to me and I have met so many crazy, wonderful people – my life is richer for coming to Los Angeles.

So, I thought, how to merge my three loves together – amazing food, Austria, and Los Angeles?

Thus began the dream that became BierBeisl. I am thrilled that it has finally come true and I am so excited to finally open our doors.

You can’t really describe Austrian cuisine until you’ve tried it, and you can’t say you’ve tried it until you’ve had an Austrian cook for you. You can’t fully explain Austrian wines until you’ve had an Austrian hand pick them for you.

This restaurant is about more than just a passion for food – it’s fueled by a fierce pride in your country, your home, and your family. I know where my roots are, and I am proud of it – and I want to share all the local traditions, the sounds, the smells, and the tastes – with you, Los Angeles.

My family and my dear friends have been my North Star in this process, always supporting my ambition and cheering me on. If I would have had to pay them for all the PR and work they did for me, I probably couldn’t afford to open this restaurant.

I could never, ever, ever, have finished everything if it weren’t for the wholehearted support offered me by the wonderful team of people who have had my back and become my close friends through the stressful, intense, busy, confusing, wonderful experience that is opening your first restaurant. Greg Bleier, designer for Studio Unlimited, deserves his own page of thanks for all of his hard work, as well as Darren Freedman and Gary Concoff of TroyGould for all their advice, and Kirk Cartozian for leading me to the space and helping me get it, and so many more people that I don’t even have the space for every name. Thank you all so much – ein herzliches Vergelt’s Gott!

See you soon,