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Austrian Quality Products

The BierBeisl Team would like to thank everyone who helped us realize our dream!

We are proud of our Austrian heritage at BierBeisl, and we are also committed to introducing Austrian culture to LA. Such an inspired ambition requires equally high-quality products. BierBeisl has been incredibly fortunate in our Austrian supporters, and we feel that their generosity deserves an equal share of our future success. We value purity, passion, and the tradition of hard work, and we made sure that these concepts are incorporated into each product we carry, distinguishing them as essentially Austrian. We would like to give you the opportunity of learning more about these masters of their craft, in the hope that you will love them as much as we do!

Stiegl Beer - Private owned Brewery from Salzburg, AustriaStiegl Beer – Local Austrian brewery since 1492

This privately owned Salzburg brewery combines tradition and innovation, forming a concept for success that makes Stiegl the strongest beer brand in Austria. The ‘beer with the red steps’ is an unmistakable symbol in Austria for the art of brewing at the highest level. The Stiegl brewery brand logo can now be found everywhere, in circulars, TV ads, promotions, on glasses, advertising materials, and even on the furnishing in our restaurants and shops.
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Trumer Pils - Pure German BeerTrumer Beer – The German law of beer purity

Trumer Pils is a declaration of love for life. The moment, the blink of an eye. The here and now. The plunge and the sense that one is there. That is Trumer Pils, that is ‘Einfach Leben’! Beside this unique brand philosophy, Trumer Pils fascinates also through excellent quality. Exclusive natural hops from particularlyselected hops farmers, purest well water from the brewery’s own well, and the rarely used open fermenting process make Trumer Pils the highest qualified representative of its class.
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Reisetbauer – Austrian Distillery and Prize Winner

Reisetbauer Distillery - Awarded Austrian DistillerThe quality of the “Edelbrand” of Hans Reisetbauer convinced once again the international audience. Whether it is the “Der Feinschmecker” from Germany, the “Saveur” or the “Class Magazine” from London, all are enthused of the quality and clearness about the Reisetbauer “Edelbrand”. An indispensable ingredient in making high-quality distillates is the perfect quality of the fruit. That is why the Reisetbauer family tends the orchards with the utmost of care, beginning with expert selection of trees adapted to the special growing conditions, continuing with rigorous pruning to reduce yield and improve quality, and ending in the harvest, which is conducted in numerous stages to guarantee that the fruit has been ideally ripened.
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Styrian Gold - Austrian Pumpkin Seed OilStyrian Gold – Styrian pumpkin seed oil

Styrian Gold’s unique flavor comes from the autumn pumpkin seeds that are found exclusively in the local Styrian yellow-and-green oil pumpkins. The skinless seeds are hand selected, roasted and then pressed to ensure Stryian Gold’s exquisite nutty taste. Our farmers use more than six and a half pounds of the finest seeds (taken from about 30-35 oil pumpkins) for the production of one litre of original Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil.
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Goelles - Distillery and Vinegar Production Alois GoellesGoelles – Alois Goelles Distillery and Vinegar Production

The Gölles family has been cultivating orchards in the sunny hill country around Austria’s Riegersburg Castle for four generations. Since the beginning of the 1980s, they have specialised in manufacturing fine vinegars and premium spirits by hand. Particular emphasis is placed on the use of only the highest quality products, because only the naturally delicious taste of flawless, sun-ripened fruits or excellent wines is a suitable basis for producing dense and robust schnapps or elegant, delicately aromatic vinegar.
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Continental SausagesContinental Sausages – “ist doch alles Wurst”

Eugen Goetz has owned and operated Continental Sausage Co. for almost 30 years. Based in Glendale, this butchery is a cult foodie’s dream – offering blood sausage, brats, marvelous liver parfait varieties, the best Leberkäse in town, and much more. His exceptional focus on high-quality and consistency just recently got awarded with a golden “A” from the Public Health department of Los Angeles for 25 years of excellence. BierBeisl and LA’s best butcher teamed up to create some of the authentic Austrian sausages that have never been available to Angelenos before. Only available at BierBeisl!

robert welch cutleryRobert Welch Cutlery

Robert Welch cutlery (or flatware) designs combine the utmost refinement of line and beauty with perfect balance and weight. Robert Welch approaches the task of designing cutlery with respect for the best traditions of the past, whilst always looking for appropriate innovation. This principle of evolution rather than revolution results in cutlery that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.
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