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A Secret Dinner Society, with a Disco Beat via Logo“Oysters go nicely with many things. A crisp Chablis. Some hot sauce. BierBeisl’s chef. Disco. Stop us anytime…

It’s fun to stay at the Disco Dining Club, a new underground dinner party getting down to old vinyl, perpetual oysters and disco-era debauchery (but they also work with great chefs and stuff). Tickets are now available for March 13. It’s a half-dinner, half-dance party happening every other month at a different place. Next one’s in a production studio just west of Downtown. So open your contacts, look under “Fun People to Dance With,” get tickets, consider buying a shiny shirt for the evening, don’t do that. » Read more

“Hollywood kocht über” via Logo“… Und schon ist das BierBeisl am Santa Monica Boulevard zu klein. Mairinger zieht bald in die gentrifizierte Downtown von Los Angeles. An der Spring Street eröffnet er den BierBeisl-Imbiss, eine dynamischere Variante des Lokals im Westen der Stadt. Bis im nächsten Jahr in Beverly Hills das neue dreistöckige BierBeisl mit eigener Bäckerei, Gourmet-Küche und Biergarten aufmacht, kocht Mairinger bei Kollegen.

Durch seine „Pop-ups“ haben Schnitzel und Kartoffelsalat schon exotische Küchen wie das Si Laa Thai am Robertson Boulevard und das Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach erreicht. Hat er eigentlich den Abschied aus Europa schon mal bereut? „An meinen früheren Stationen habe ich es meist nur ein Jahr ausgehalten, in Los Angeles koche ich seit sechs Jahren. Also!?“

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The top 10 recipes of 2014: BierBeisl – Bread dumplings

LA Times“… Bread dumplings might seem like the definition of bland and boring, but this Austrian version from Bernhard Mairinger, chef at the upcoming Bierbeisl and Imbiss, will convince you otherwise. They’re tender and silky and are the perfect companions for rich braised or roasted meats, such as a holiday goose or duck…”

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Wine pairings for an Austrian feast

LA Times“…What about the wine pairings for Bernhard Mairinger’s Austrian feast? He recommends a Grüner Veltliner or the ancient variety Roter Veltliner with the pumpkin soup. His favorites are the Grüner from Bründlmayer or the Roter Veltliner from Franz Leth. With the duck, he thinks a Zweigelt, St. Laurent or Blaufränkisch would be perfect. All three are Austrian reds. “Zweigelt is probably what most sommeliers would serve with duck, but I’m a big fan of Blaufränkisch,” says Mairinger, recommending the producers Kollwentz (from the Burgenland) and Markowitsch. “It’s like a peasant wine from back in the days — full body, strong fruit notes and with a balanced acidity. Just a great wine!…”

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Recipe for an Austrian Christmas from chef Bernhard Mairinger

LA Times“… After closing his modern Austrian bistro, BierBeisl, late last year with plans to relocate to the Westside, the barely 30-year-old chef has been free of his grueling day-to-day cooking schedule for the first time in years. Last Christmas, the hiatus allowed Mairinger to go back home for the holidays. He loves the holidays, he says, and then he proceeds to list the things he enjoys most about celebrating at his village of Nussdorf am Attersee in upper Austria. Population: 1,000.

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BierBeisl Pop-Up at Si Laa Thai via logo“… You’re in for a treat. This weekend, Chef Bernhard Mairinger will be cooking a traditional Austrian three- course meal that includes wiener schnitzel, beef short rib gulasch with spätzle, and Kaierschmarrn with roasted plum compote for dessert. Yum! …”



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“Pop-Up Dining” via

BeverlyPress logo“… Chef Bernhard Mairinger will offer Dodger dugout season ticket holders an Austrian version of a Dodger Dog on Friday, Sept. 26. Sausages on pretzel bread will be served with sauerkraut and a traditional plum streusel cake. On Saturday, Sept. 27 from 5 to 11 p.m., Mairinger will also offer a special pop-up menu at Si Laa Thai restaurant with traditional Austrian dishes, priced at $70 per person. The menu includes amuse bouche hors d’oeuvres, BierBeisl salad with crispy pork lardons, veal wiener schnitzel with potato-cucumber salad, and lingonberry compote. Diners can also order the beef short rib goulash with spatzle, and Kaierschmarrn with roasted plum compote …” » Read more

Pop, pop, pop-up: BierBeisl at Silaa Thai via LATimes

LA Times“While we wait for the casual Austrian spot BierBeisl Imbiss to (finally) open in downtown L.A. in the Spring Arcade, Austrian chef Bernhard Mairinger will preview some of his menu there at Silaa Thai restaurant in Los Angeles on Saturday, Sept. 27. The four-course menu will start with an amuse bouche of cured ocean trout with baby heirloom beets, horseradish and crème fraîche, followed by a butter lettuce salad with crispy pork lardons, roasted corn and heirloom radishes. Then comes Mairinger’s excellent traditional wiener schnitzel with potato-cucumber salad and lingonberry compote — and after that beef short rib gulasch with squiggly spätzle noodles. (Here’s hoping the weather is cooler by then.) For dessert, a fluffy cloud of kaiserschmarrn with roasted plum compote. To reserve, call Silaa Thai at (310) 858-7738 or email …”

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Restaurant Openings Report: Week of September 14, 2014 –

the daily meal logo“… On Saturday, September 27, chef Bernhard Mairinger will be doing a pop-up at Si Laa Thai from 5 to 11 p.m. The menu will feature traditional Austrian dishes and reservations are strongly encouraged. Some of the dishes offered will be cured ocean trout with baby heirloom beets and horseradish crème fraîche, beef short rib Gulasch with Spätzle, and a dessert of Kaierschmarrn with roasted plum compote. …”


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BierBeisl Pop-Up via TimeOut Los Angeles

TimeOut Los Angeles Logo“Journey to the homeland of all things schnitzel, sausage and streusel. Chef Bernhard Mairinger is bringing the essence of traditional Austrian cuisine to a pop-up event at Si Laa Thai restaurant. Known for his seasonal menus and authentic Austrian flavors at his late restaurant, BierBeisl, Mairinger is serving up all the favorites, including his signature dish “Original Wiener Schnitzel,” made with veal and served with potato-cucumber salad, lingonberry compote, and lemon. If you can’t make it out to this event, don’t fret! BierBeisl’s new location at the Spring Arcade in Downtown is opening in the near future …”


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